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Here are my opinions of some of the movies that Mako has been apart of. Of course - no disrespect to anyone, this was made for fun.
Please note: There may be spoilers below

Scale: 1 to 10 stars (*)
1 - Almost a chore to watch; Unworthy of Mako
10 - Very enjoyable

More to come!!


* * * * * 1/2 (5 1/2 stars)
SYNOPSIS: Explores the relationship between 2 elderly sisters: Evelyn a bitter & prejudiced widow, and Francine, an old maid, and how one man (Mako) changes both thier lives forever.
HIGHPOINT: When Evelyn (Shelly Winters) tells the new home-owners to make sure thier daughter gets to slide down the bannisters, thus letting go of her bigotry
LOWPOINT: I felt that some of the scenes were choppy, as if the editors wanted every scene left in the movie, but to save time they cut scenes down too short
QUESTIONS: Thought Patricia Neal was an odd choice to play Frances, since she was older and larger than Mako....(and taller...and had a deeper voice...) but she did do a good job.
MAKO'S ROLE: "Max", mechanic & Franny's suitor. Lots of screen time.
OVERALL: Refreshing to see Mako in a major role, that was both cute & sweet as the gentlemanly boyfriend, rather than the usual bad-guy roles he is sometimes pigeon-holed into. Thought the movie also had good messages about life & love w/ interesting relationships. Recommend!
MORAL: Don't live your life for other people; you're never too old to change or accomplish your dreams.


* * 1/2 (2 1/2 stars)
HIGHPOINT: Check out the black guy's hairstyle - very unique
LOW POINTS: The final scene of the movie, when the boy is practicing in the gym - I still thought he didn't get what his master had tried to teach him...
QUESTIONS: Why do the bad guys dump the body in broad daylight & in a public area?! Why does the green haired guy keep smelling his pinky?
MAKO'S ROLE: Mr. Tzhing, the head bad guy. Not enough screen time, and doesn't get the chance to act until the end right before he dies.
OVERALL: Cheezy 80s flick w/ a kung-fu scene about every 5 minutes. Unlikely story & disappointing ending.
MORAL: Strengthen from the inside out. Spend time with your children.